Business EPS — Electronic Payment Systems

Electronic Payment Systems

An Internet application that provides maximum flexibility in the collection of payments and the ability to Remotely Deposit Checks. To learn more about how we can tailor a package to meet your needs please contact us.

Enterpise Payment Solutions (EPS)*

Serves as a comprehensive payments engine that accepts a variety of payment types:

  • ACH processing
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Real-time gateway for credit card processing
  • ACH check conversion (BOC, ARC, and POP)
  • Other ACH transactions: Internet-initiated (WEB), telephone-initiated (TEL) and recurring credits and debits (PPD and CCD)Check 21/X9 37 check conversion
  • Processes checks via single or batch processes, single or recurring ACH, and card payments.
  • Can be configured to offer as many or as few payment options as needed.
  • Provides flexible workflow options.
  • Provides remote deposit service for business clients with optional CAR/LAR.
Customer Payment Portal(CPP)*
  • Enables small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to accept online payments or donations.
  • Provides a secure, hosted payment acceptance portal that can be custom-branded for any of your small business or nonprofit customers.
  • Requires a minimal amount of technical setup to link from an existing Web site.
  • Allows processing of a variety of payments:
  • Single payments from a checking or savings account (processed as a WEB ACH transaction).
  • Recurring payment from a checking or savings account (processed as WEB ACH). Credit card payments – both single and recurring.
  • Enhances customer/donor convenience by allowing consumers to select the amount of the transaction.
  • Permits consumers to view information about past payments or donations for year-end tax filing or other purposes.
  • Provides access to the same reports as are available currently through the EPS merchant portal.
  • Streamlines payment processes and reduces paper use.
Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)*

With simply a scanner and a Windows®-based PC, tablet, or mobile device, commercial customers can utilize Remote Deposit Complete to enter customized data such as customer’s name or invoice number. Before scanning, all that is required of the end user is to enter the total number of checks and the total deposit amount.

Remote Deposit Complete automatically performs the courtesy amount recognition (CAR) and legal amount recognition (LAR) of each check in lieu of key entry. ProfitStars‘ personnel key enters any amounts the scanner does not read and makes any necessary MICR repairs. Rules-based perimeters can be established that will accept, reject, or balance the deposit within a set dollar amount. Once balancing is complete, the business is notified via email alert.

ProfitStars’ technical infrastructure provides secure check processing. Remote Deposit Complete delivers a more convenient way for commercial customers to make deposits, allowing them to receive funds faster, improving their working capital.

Remote Deposit Complete allows your financial institution to better serve your commercial customers by offering them improved convenience. It can also increase your institution’s customer base while broadening your geographic footprint – without the need to build additional branches.

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*Enterpise Payment Solutions (EPS), Customer Payment Portal(CPP), and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) are products offered thru the bank in conjunction with our banking partner Profitstars.