Starting A Military Career

New To The Military

  1. Identify goals and learn to budget wisely.
  2. Establish your credit.
  3. Build assets through saving at least 10 percent of your income.
  4. Establish an emergency fund.
  5. Use online banking to monitor your account.
  6. Borrow wisely.
  7. Understand your credit report.

Starting A Military Career

Starting with a sound financial approach as you start your career is the key to future financial success. 

TIME is your greatest asset.

Most people don't realize the impact of effectively learning to manage the spending and saving of money early in their life. Learn it now for later financial success. A dollar saved in your 20's can be worth ten times as much as one saved in your 40's!

Regardless of how you enter the military, Exchange Bank has a program that works for you.

Are you starting your career and juggling tough schooling and tight finances?

Contact us regarding an Exchange Bank Military Account combined with an EBT Career Starter Loan!

Just called to Active Duty? Contact us regarding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to determine if applicable to your situation. 

Ensure you have an Exchange Bank Military Account in place with online banking access to your accounts, along with an active debit card. We can help you set up automated payments to ensure no penalties occur if you are unable to access your normal bills.  

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Exchange Bank has participated in the offering of EBT Career Starter Loans at all the military academies since 1957. These loans are traditionally offered during the junior year at each academy. Our rates for these loans have always been extremely competitive. Additionally, each individual is given their own Personal Banker for contact and assistance.

The majority of individuals who have taken these loans are still our customers when they are long past retirement!

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Exchange Bank continues to support College ROTC graduates with EBT Career Starter Loans.

Contact us today if you are a current ROTC student to discuss a program that could make your start in the military a much easier process.